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Video Chat for Website Support

 With a video chat interface on your website you can provide your customers and visitors with a far higher level of support and service. Add Zybercall text and video chat support to your website with one line of code.
  • <script src="https://zybercall.com/[YourDomain]$Support/"></script>
This plugin loads a small Javascript which displays ...
The support window opens when your visitor hits Chat ...
... and of course there's a link to open a video call which you can start with voice only, or with full audio / video and which also enables screensharing in either, or both, directtions.
 Text exchanges do not stay on the webserver, they are all stored in each browser's localStorage. They can be downloaded and saved as HTML files so you can browse and archive them as you wish, and they can be deleted from the chat dialog using the Trash button, so you're ready for the next customer. During video calls, text does not even go via the webserver - messages are exchanged peer-to-peer over the webRTC data channel, which also transfers files.
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