Zybercall encrypted messaging and video calls

Video File Broadcasting

 Stream .webm videos from your computer through Zybercall. Use video file streaming to serve video from a catalog of products and services, or for Auto Answer, to play a short not-here message.
 You can make videos with the Video Recorder, or with any other .webm video editors.
 Zybercall can stream .webm and .mp4 video files.
To broadcast a video file, you must select it from your computer. Choose Play Video File from the Menu.
Browse and select your video file - it will start to play immediately.
 To stop the video, click the same button again - this time it says Stop Playing Video.
 If you are broadcasting a video file while making or receiving a call, the stream is fed into the call.
 Video file streaming can be used for Zybercall Auto Answer, or you may want to create a catalog of video products and use it to serve those.