Zybercall encrypted messaging and video calls

Secure File Transfer

 File-transfer is available in the Zybercall peer-to-peer text chat, located in the video call window. You can select files from your device / computer and send them to your chat partner through the secure data channel.
 To select a file: Click FILE at bottom left.
 Browse and select your file - it's name will show up in your text-box
 Hit SEND to transfer the file.
 Security note: This data transfer is encrypted under https and flows peer-to-peer from your device to the receiver, without touching any web servers. It is therefore the most secure file-transfer method imaginable.
Files arrive in the chat stream and are presented by an icon with the file name. Click to download to your computer.
 Remember, though, files can contain something other than they claim, so download only files from partners you trust, and by-all-means scan them before opening.
 Maximum file size is about 1mb ( 1024 * 1024), and varies from browser to browser.