Zybercall encrypted messaging and video calls

Private Video Calling

 Zybercall video calling is built on webRTC (Real Time Communication) technology which runs in internet browsers, and only works when served from secure websites using the https protocol. Since https encrypts all traffic in and out of your PC or mobile device, and video / audio streams travel directly peer-to-peer without touching any web servers, the streaming data is entirely secure.
 To enter the encrypted video calling window, click the Private Video Calls image on the Home page after logging in. You are first presented with the menu.
 Click the Menu icon to open the menu
 Click Camera Settings to change camera resolution and orientation.
Click Auto Answer to switch Auto Answer on or off. When on, incoming calls are answered automatically and your outgoing video stream can be your webcam, a video that you are playing, or a screenshare.
 Click Snapshot to take a still photo of the video. You can then right-click and save the image.
 Click Start Screenshare to share your screen. See Zybercall Screen Sharing
 Click Play video file to select and stream a video from your computer. See Zybercall Video File Streaming
 Click Video Recorder to record the video stream. See Zybercall Video Recording
Click the Contacts icon to open the Contacts list.
 Click a Contact's name to start a video call.
 Switch between the Contacts list and the Groups list using the Contacts Online and Groups buttons
Click a Group name to start a group video call.
Click the webcam icon to switch the webcam on / off.
Click the microphone icon to switch the microphone on/ off.
Click the Text icon to open / close the in-call text chat.
Click the Fullscreen icon to enter / exit fullscreen.