Zybercall encrypted messaging and video calls

Encrypted Messaging

 Zybercall encrypted messages are protected in transit over the internet by the https protocol, then scrambled using the Advanced Encryption Standard and stored on our secure web servers until you read them. You can delete and transfer them from the web server to your PC or device at any time.
 This ensures that your messages are safe, available only to you and the chat partners you sent them to, and guarantees your privacy.
 To enter the encrypted messaging window, click the Private Messages image on the Home page after logging in. A list of ongoing chats is presented, showing your Contact's name and the last message sent. Click or tap one to open the chat dialog.
The list of ongoing chats ...
An example message dialog.Click the Messages button to return to the list of ongoing chats.
If your Contact is online, you can start a video call from here.
Click the Download icon to store these messages in your browser and delete them from the web server.
Click the Trash icon to delete these messages from both the web server and your browser.
Click the New Message button to get a list of all your Contacts. Click one to enter the chat dialog.