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We need your email address so we can send you an email to confirm your registration - that's the best way to lock out robot programs. If you want, you can delete it in My Profile after logging in.

Install the Web App

Zybercall is a Progressive Web App (PWA). Install it on your phone or tablet homescreen or PC desktop to make it start and run faster in an app window as a stand-alone application.
Desktop: Google Chrome Only

Guaranteed Privacy

Zybercall messaging and video calling is built on secure technologies to maximize your privacy. There's no logging or tracking of your activity, and your messages are deleted as soon as you read them.
Your privacy is absolutely guaranteed.

Private Video Calling

Live streaming webcam video conference calls, person to person, encrypted and unmonitored, completely secure. No app required - connects browsers together in a private peer-to-peer network.

Encrypted Messaging

Zybercall messages travel peer-to-peer over a webRTC data channel during calls, or they are encrypted on the web server, deleted when you read them and stored on your phone or computer.

No data collection

Zybercall does not collect data about you nor seek to use your information in any way. Your communications can neither be monitored nor intercepted, your email address is for support only and public profiles are not required.

Group Conference Calls

Create and edit groups for multi-participant conference calls. Great for family gatherings and business meetings.

Secure File Transfer

There is no more-secure way to transfer files to your contacts than through Zybercall's peer-to-peer data channel.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen during calls to show what you are seeing and talking about. Great for support and demonstrations.

Zybercall for Business

With a simple link on your website, provide support with video and screensharing to enhance effectivity and customer relations.

Video Recording

Record the stream from your webcam, record incoming calls, record streams from screen-shares and video-files.

Video File Broadcasting

Create and broadcast video files from your computer for Auto Answer and for delivery of video products.

Audio/Visual Notifications

Zybercall notifies you about incoming messages with a ring tone and an on-page notice rather than browser notifications. To protect your privacy, we do not use push notifications.

Knowledge base

General information about Zybercall and answers to frequently asked questions.
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